Cauliflower Conundrum, Part Two: Cauliflower Caprese Pizza

Pinterest is abound with a variety of recipes using cauliflower for pizza crust, garlic bread base, bread sticks, wraps, the list goes on. I’ve tried a few of the recipes before, and though they tasted decent, they weren’t good enough to … Continue reading

Cauliflower Conundrum, Part One: Cauliflower Soup

I’m not a very picky eater, but I’ve always hated cauliflower. Everything from the smell when it’s cooking, to the texture, to the way it crumbles and makes a mess really just made me despise it even more. A while … Continue reading

Haters Gonna Hate: Chicken With Your Eyes Closed

Recently I’ve learned that I have some haters out there. And, surprisingly, most of the haters are my friends and colleagues! Why, you may ask? Apparently, they’re jealous of the things that come out of my kitchen and envy what … Continue reading

Miniature Meatless Monday: Baked Taco Cups

I’m always looking for new things to do with one of my favourite staples, Yves Veggie Ground Round. Granted, as with everything else, this should be eaten in moderation because of the numerous studies linking soy products to breast cancer … Continue reading

Breakfast in a Bind: Easy Breakfast Smoothies

Even though most of the recipes I share are fairly simple to put together, many of them take a fair amount of time, and sometimes, time is a hard commodity to come by. I find this especially in the mornings, … Continue reading

Veggie Involtini: Eggplant Rollups

If you do a search for dinner ideas on Google or Pinterest, chances are you’ll come across a recipe for lasagna rollups – a take on the traditional lasagna, these rollups use the same ingredients but roll them into a … Continue reading