The Home Stretch!

5:55am: Delighted to have a mini sleep-in, I’m actually pleasantly surprised at the lack of grumbling going on in my stomach. Maybe I just had a weak moment yesterday? Will today be a better day?

7:15am: Down 2lbs since starting the second deep cleanse, for a total of 4lb lost so far.

7:55am: Stopped at a red light on my way to work, I look to my left and see one of my old colleagues! She tells me she has been religiously following my posts, and can’t believe I’m doing this. She reminds me I’m in the homestretch – the pep talk I needed to make it through today. Thanks, Suzanne!

8:05am: Cleanse for life #1. I’m actually finding these to be somewhat filling, but my guess is because it’s the only real sustenance I’ve had in 36 hours.

10:28am: I’ve been pushing the Isadelight as late as possible, because I’ve actually felt pretty decent this morning. I’m anticipating the real hunger to set in later today, so I figured if I shift my whole “feeding” schedule back a bit, I might have better luck at making it through the day alive. Time for Isadelight #1!

11:27am: The grumbling is starting, and it’s not a faint noise…

11:57am: Someone just offered me a box of raisins. I don’t even like raisins and I am salivating. Time for some celery and cucumber.

12:18pm: Cleanse for life #2.

2:16pm: Celery is becoming tiresome, as is this cleanse!

3:57pm: Drinking my second to last cleanse for life. I think yesterday’s spillage may be an issue for my last drink. Does that mean I get to end this nonsense early??

4:17pm: Does eating celery count as exercise, since you burn more calories digesting it than ingesting it?? Maybe my next fad diet should be a negative calorie diet??

exercise comic

5:32pm: Child wants me to sit with her while she eats dinner, instead of her daddy. It’s like she knows she is torturing me!!

5:58pm: In preparation for my 8pm cleanse for life (gotta do something to keep busy!!), I’ve just measured out the remaining powder, only to notice that my speculation was correct, and I have less than half the amount needed. Googled “I don’t have enough cleanse for life left for my last day”, and all that came up was links to Isagenix reps selling the product. Do I LOL, cry, or call it quits??????

7:05pm: Isadelight and the end of last night’s bachelor to pass the rest of the evening…

My review:

Isagenix is a decent system. The deep cleanse days, if you believe in “cleansing”, will probably make you feel “cleaner”. But, since fasting for days on end is not a reliable way to lose weight in the long run, I’m calling bullshit on their weight loss claim.

The shake days, as difficult as it is mentally to only be eating one meal a day, seem like a good way of cutting calories and maintaining a balanced diet, without compromising on your energy. The system would probably be more successful if it were JUST shake days (even if for the full 9 days), and none of this other nonsense.

I would consider buying both the Isalean shakes and the Isadelight chocolates again to use as part of a regular, balanced diet, but I’m not sure I would shell out the money for the full system (especially since the “snacks!” were literally revolting).

Would I cleanse again? I’ll never say never!


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