Shake Day 5

7 days down, 2 more to go!

Yesterday was the final shake day, and here is my verdict: I’m looking forward to Wednesday, when this is all over!

That is not to say that I don’t think the system works: On my first two cleanse days, I lost 5lbs. Of course, when I started eating again during the shake days, I gained some of it back, but overall, as of this morning, going into my second round of deep cleanse, I am down a little over 2lbs in 7 days.

In terms of level of energy, I think the system allows you to consume enough calories to function well, but I did find that I was hungry most days between meals. One benefit of having Lindsay was that she was able to give me some suggestions on snack ideas – things like yogurt, apple and peanut butter, almonds, cheese etc. – but Isagenix themselves don’t make any suggestions beyond their own products (most of which don’t come with the 9 day system), and don’t note that you actually are allowed to eat real food. So, for the first two shake days, I didn’t realise what I could eat, so I stuck to very low calorie snacks and was pretty hungry. Once I added some more substantial snacks in, I definitely felt better about getting between meals, but boy do I miss sitting down to a meal!

For dinners, some of the meals I had were broiled salmon with vegetables, chicken soup (with chicken a plenty), shakshuka (I will post the recipe in the future!), and stir-fry accompanied by salmon sashimi.

Shakshuka with roasted eggplant and feta cheese

The shakes themselves were pretty good, and I played around with whether they had to be made fresh or not. On one day, I made shakes for the next day, froze them, and then put them in the fridge overnight to defrost, and they maintained their flavour and consistency. On another day, I made 4 shakes at once (2 days worth), and put them in the fridge. While they maintained their flavour, they deflated a little sitting in the fridge, and so they weren’t as satisfying (though equally as filling) as making them fresh, or freezing them in advance. You definitely could make them each time you need a shake, but that would require a) being near a blender twice a day and b) washing said blender 10 times in 5 days! I considered buying a single serve blender, but that would have added another $20 on to an already expensive plan! I would say, though, that I would buy the Isalean powder again to use to replace one meal a day as part of a healthy diet.

When I ordered the system, and Lindsay suggested buying the Isadelights in addition to the 9 day system, I nearly had a heart attack when she told me the price (I believe it was roughly $44 a box, discounted to $32 if you bought it along with the system for about 30 individually wrapped chocolates). I decided that if I was going to do this, I may as well go all in, so I ordered them, and I am really glad I did. Aside from curing any craving for sweets, they were actually really good at curbing hunger – another thing I didn’t really realise until Lindsay pointed it out. This is another downside of the system – I don’t think they really provide enough information about how to make it through the 9 days (full disclosure: the box did come with a DVD, but who watches a DVD in 2016 for information?? A full pamphlet, that I could have carried around with me, would have been way more helpful. Without Lindsay, I really would have had trouble).

If you have good willpower, and don’t mind drinking the vast majority of your calories, I think it’s a good system – I was skeptical at the get-go about the amount of energy I would have, but I was able to do some pretty challenging workouts on 4 out of the 5 shake days (I had good intentions to work out on all 5 days, but was stymied by a toddler with the stomach flu – poor kid!). I wouldn’t put too much weight (pun intended) into the Isagenix claim of losing an average of 7lbs – this may be true (as was evident by 5lbs of weight loss in the first two cleanse days) as of the moment you finish the system, but even if you go back to a healthy style of eating (which I maintained before beginning the program), you will most likely gain the majority back.

I am certainly not looking forward to the next two days, back on the deep cleanse, but I’m not nearly as nervous about it as I was going into the cleanse. It is totally doable, as long as you have some good willpower! All I can say is kudos to those who choose the 30 day system, because I am not cut out for that!


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