Paying for torture? Deep Cleanse Part 2

7:52am: After 5 days of stomach virus/cold, I left home to a screaming toddler so upset that I couldn’t stay, as I’m rushing to gather my cleanse for life, Isadelights, slices of lime (for my water, which I am following strict instructions from Lindsay not to actually eat!), and some celery and cucumber. Great start to the day!

8:35am: A little late for cleanse for life #1, but it’s Monday morning and things are crazy at work already. Just like on the first two cleanse days, the first drink doesn’t taste so bad!

10:00am: Due for two “snacks!”, I’m not even bothering with them so I’m having an Isadelight and tons of water instead.

12:30pm: I am SO OVER THIS. I am f’ing hungry. It’s time for cleanse for life #2, which I will obediently drink, but if I hadn’t paid for this torture, I would SO be giving up right now. The hanger is brewing. Alas, I’ve spent enough time and money that I have to at least say I completed the system. There’s no giving up now!

1:11pm: I just ate an entire stalk of celery. Google says that’s a whole 6 calories! Feeling a little better now.

1:47pm: Luckily, work has been incredibly busy today and has kept me distracted. But, I think I need to get some fresh air and a change of scenery. Today I’m experiencing more of what I was expecting during the first round of deep cleanse. Is it because I’ve given up on the “snacks!”? Or because I haven’t eaten more than 5 meals of actual food in the last 8 days?

3:57pm: I’m getting ready to leave the office, so I decide to make my cleanse for life #3 for the car ride home…


Seriously??? FML. I am now secretly hoping that this FULL spillage means I will be short one dose and can end this nonsense tomorrow night, and not Wednesday morning. However, something tells me those sneaky bastards at Isagenix give a little extra in case people “accidentally” spill some (though this was totally legit, and I was supremely pissed!)

4:55pm: Isadelight #2. O literally stole it out of my hand and took a bite. She’s lucky she’s cute!

6:55pm: While Jay makes dinner/eats/tortures me (he did offer to leave the house, or fast in solidarity, to which I politely declined), I decide to shower and waste extra time by straightening my hair. Somehow this has been completed in record time and it is only 7:33pm!!

7:47pm: Another stalk of celery. 13 minutes until the dreaded final cleanse for life.

8:00pm: 12 CFL’s down, 4 more to go!

8:37pm: Two small pieces of cucumber. Thank god its Bachelor night tonight, or else I would literally have to leave the house to stop myself from eating. Jay just offered me a glass of wine. Says it will make me feel better. No words.

I’m saving my last Isadelight for the day for 9pm, then I will head off to bed and hope that tomorrow morning brings some self control, patience, and lots of things to keep me busy!



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