Day 3: Food, Glorious Food!

I made it! 48+ hours without food, and I actually didn’t even have one hangry fit of rage. Here was my day today…

3:32am: Awoken by a crying child, only to find out that she had thrown up all over herself and her crib. Poor baby!

4:30am: After a bath, and spending half an hour trying to get the little lady back to sleep (to no avail) I am hungry like I’ve never been before. 6 almonds and a glass of water to the rescue.

5:58am: Finally a sleeping baby!

6:28am: A very short-lived shluf. Starting our day bright and early!

7:35am: Once O’s nanny was able to take over, I hit the sack for a little shut eye – I’m seriously starving but I’m too tired to really care!!

9:30am: I’ve decided to take O for a ride in the car in the hopes of getting her to sleep a bit (SPOILER: no luck), so my first Isalean shake is coming with me. Again, I’ve gone with 1.5 scoops instead of 2, and it was definitely more than enough to fill me.

10:45am: Okay, so there was no way I could have finished more shake than I had, but I’m hungry again. Lindsay had given me a list of snacks for the day, so I’ve opted for a few sticks of cucumber with a little hummus. My first taste of real food in 3 days!!!!!!!!

12:45pm: Back on the road again, attempting to run some errands while O naps, given that the poor kid has been attached to my hip all day. Isalean shake #2. The stuff has a really thick consistency, as if it were a fresh made milkshake, which is kinda weird since I made it at the same time as shake #1, to avoid washing the blender more than once. I find it pretty odd that it would hold that consistency, but hey, the taste is decent and a hell of a lot more manageable than the cleanse for life or the “snacks!”, so I’ll take it.

3:30pm: Need a pick me up. Lindsay had suggested the Isadelights, but I’m not sure I can handle the caffeine now, since I’m spending the afternoon on the couch watching Bubble Guppies (what time is it? It’s tiiiiiime for lunch!). A little more celery and hummus should do the trick.

5:00pm: Just realised that in all the madness of a sick kid, I totally forgot to take my natural accelerator for this morning, and I’m a little bit past the afternoon one. Taking one now, and I’ll skip the second one for today.

6:25pm: Sick baby in bed, thinking I’m feeling pretty ready for a quick Tabata workout (c/o Lindsay), grabbing another 6 almonds to hold me over until dinner, which I literally cannot wait for. It’s prepped and in the fridge ready to go!

6:32pm: I’m lacing my second shoe and Jay says, “did you hear that?” “Bleccchhhhh”. Oh god. Poor kid. So much for a workout. Who would have thought that having an empty stomach would come in handy? Good thing I hadn’t eaten because cleaning up puke is just about the only thing that I can legitimately say is 100% vomit inducing.

7:45pm: Baby bathed (for the 3rd time in 16 hours), finally asleep, dinner in the oven. I AM STARVING.

8:08pm: Better late than never, my first meal in over 72 hours!! I actually couldn’t finish it!


Shake day verdict: Totally manageable. If I would have had more time to focus on me, I think a workout would definitely have been a success. I think the next few days should be pretty doable. Stay tuned for my next update on Day 7 of the program – the last shake day – and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!



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