Day 2

This morning, I was blessed with a child who slept in, and a late morning meeting out of the office, allowing me to stay in bed past 7am! I definitely woke up hungry, but not as bad as one would assume, given that it had been about 36 hours since my last meal.

8:00am: Cleanse for Life #1. They seem to get harder to get down the more I have them, but 6oz is doable in 3-4 big gulps, washed down with some regular water.

9:00am: Normally time for an Isadelight chocolate, but I have a meeting starting in 30 minutes that, on a good day, would require a piece of chocolate to get through, so I decided to save it. I will need it!

10:00am: Natural accelerator – kinda wishing they found an edible way to get the same supplement in, rather than a capsule, though given the taste of the “snacks!”, that might be more of a curse than it’s worth. I’m attempting to choke down 2 of my “snacks!” but it is honestly not even possible. After one I have given up. Screw this, I don’t care if I don’t eat for a week, these still wouldn’t be considered food. From here on in, I will replace the fish food with a small piece of celery.

11:12am: Finally out of the meeting, I decided to have my Isadelight in the car on the way to the office. I’m literally savouring every bite. It’s almost time for the next cleanse for life, right? Something to look forward to!

12:23pm: Cleanse for life #2.

1:17pm: Just offered one of my colleagues one of my “snacks!” to try. Her response? “Uch, I heard you crunch that thing during our meeting – it sounded like chalk! Get away from me!”

2:26pm: Time for another Isadelight. Not being one to regularly have caffeine, I definitely get a little buzz from these chocolates, since they have green tea in them. Who knew that chocolate really could be like a drug??

3:36pm: Today has been so busy (thank God! No time to think about food), that I forgot to take my second natural accelerator until now. Downing it and rushing to get out of work.

4:45pm: O had a play date, and my friend came back to pick her son up. Jay made her try a “snack!”, but she refused to eat it. One lick (literally) and she was left with a faint after taste of “vanilla barf”. Yum.

5:11pm: My stomach is growling. Like really growling. Just realised I actually MISSED my 4pm Cleanse for Life! How do you forget to “eat” when you are not eating?! O’s nanny says it smells good. I tried to get her to taste a “snack!”, but after seeing my friend’s reaction, she literally just laughed in my face.

7:30pm: Okay, this hunger nonsense is starting to get real. I mean, it was bound to happen eventually, and I really didn’t think it would wait this long, but I am HUNGRY. Not yet hangry, but definitely wanting more than the 3 tiny sticks of celery my helpful husband just cut for me.

8:08pm: My last cleanse for life until next Monday! Yippee!

8:24pm: Hunger has subsided. How is that possible?? I really could have another Isadelight, but last night I was WIRED at 10:30pm, having had the last one around 8pm. Only 11ish hours to go until my first shake day starts!!!!!!!!!


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