Day 1

5:14am: O is awake. Bright and early as usual. I was hoping for a miracle sleep in, so that I could shave an hour or so off my wake time and stave off the hunger a little longer.

6:02am: stomach is growling. I don’t know why I’m already hungry, given that on a normal day, I wouldn’t have eaten at this point anyway. Mental stamina my ass.

8:02am: First batch of “cleanse for life”. The box said 2 scoops of powder in 4-8oz of water, so I opted for 6oz. It smells kinda fruity, and looks a little like crystal light, and it actually didn’t taste as bad as it looked (given that it turned the water entirely opaque, even when I held it up to the window to shine some light through).

9:00am: Thanks to Lindsay, I have an hour by hour schedule of what I should be doing. She suggested having an Isadelight chocolate now, but I am actually feeling like a cleansing champ and am not hungry, so I will save it for later.

9:51am: I am supposed to have 2 snacks! at 10am, but I’m feeling kinda hungry so I’m going to have them now.

9:52am: Remember when I called them glorified fish food? Scrap the glorified part. These literally taste like chalk. They have a mild after taste of vanilla, but are SO bad that I couldn’t even finish a whole one (they are the size of a quarter, btw).

11:45am: Just had my first Isadelight, and it really was delicious! I’m supposed to have another cleanse for life at noon, but I have a meeting and will have to delay it. Hopefully I won’t wither away before then.

1:00pm: Cleanse for life #2 down. Slightly more difficult than the first one, but not too bad. Lindsay says I have to eat the Snacks!. Dreading the next ones…

2:10pm: I have been procrastinating on my snacks. Who would have thought I would be AVOIDING eating??? Maybe that’s why this system works??? Lindsay warned me she has trouble with the snacks too (couldn’t you have told me earlier?????), and suggested downing them with water. This was only marginally helpful – it still took a good 10 minutes for me to finish the leftover one from this morning, and one more. Surprisingly though, I was starting to get hungry before I had them, and it seems to have subsided. Forgot to take my “natural accelerator” capsule this morning, so I’m taking it now instead.

3:28pm: Ok. Getting hungry. Debating whether I can break from the schedule and have another Isadelight now (3-4 a day is allowed), or if I should save 3 for later when I’m really starving. Another cleanse for life is coming at 4pm, but that is still 32 minutes away…

4:04pm: Cleanse for Life on the drive home. This one doesn’t taste as easy going down as the first two, but day 1 is 3/4 over!

5:00: I think it’s time for Isadelight #2. I’m feeling kinda hungry but am actually shocked at how decent I feel. Maybe all the water has been helping?? Jay told me he’s going to skip dinner in solidarity with my cleanse (yeah, right), so I told him he should have a snack! instead.

6:00pm: I’ve been dreading the next set of snacks, and luckily, I’ve been saved by the bedtime! Thank god for a tired toddler!

6:40pm: Enough procrastination. Snack! time. I literally had to drink an entire bottle of water to get them down, and so I decided to treat myself to 1/4 stalk of celery (!!!) while Jay ate dinner. Feeling surprisingly satisfied. Also took my second natural accelerator capsule.

8:00pm: Though I have peed more today than I think I did on any given day during my pregnancy, it is time for yet another cleanse for life drink. Glad it’s the last one!

I’ve been saving my Isadelights all day (you can have up to 4 each day of deep cleansing), expecting that come 8-9pm, I would be dying for something, anything, to snack on. I have to say, though, day 1 went pretty well. I didn’t mention that if you are a coffee drinker, you have to give up all caffeine for the 9 days, so I’m sure that can make it pretty tough, but since I don’t drink any to begin with, I think I was able to avoid any raging headaches.

Wish me luck on day 2!


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